Capturer of life’s most magical moments— it’s clear what your special sauce is. You’re an artist, a visionary, someone who pays attention to detail. 

You’re do something so few can:. 
Bringing the raw beautiful presence of reality to life. 

Your special sauce resides in how you perceive the world and the stories you tell with your images. 

Making a living (a good one that can afford you artisanal whatever-the- heck-you-want) is the dream of every visionary photoboss out there. Problem is, there’s no rulebook that tells you how to do that. 

Instead, you’re smack dab in the middle of a confusing marketplace that either highly values your work or Uncle Bob’s calling you up again to see if you can photograph your third cousin’s wedding, gratis of course. 

People tell you you’re too expensive and it makes you question everything. Or they expect you to work for free so that you can “build your portfolio” *insert eye roll here*. 

You worry about how long the editing process takes, how to set your rates so people will truly value the work you do, how to position yourself on social media.

You stress out that it’s been 8 months since you’ve had time to refresh your website or post a blog. Heck, you might not even have a website yet and that definitely keeps you up at night. 

HOLD UP: Does this sound like you? If you’re like noooo way Jenna, then                        and check out the other results. These quiz things aren’t crystal balls so forgive me if you’ve landed on the wrong planet. Check out the other special sauces right here. 

Hey Photoboss, I know how easy it is to get sucked into the vortex of comparing yourself to every other amazing photographer on Insta. Let's talk about how we can cure your comparisonitis below! 


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You'RE A Visionary Photo Boss


Before we go any further, let me introduce myself...I’m a digital marketing expert, self-education mastermind, data-obsessed algorithm avenger, detail-loving self-care activist, stubborn-as-heck achiever, small town puppy parent, and a mac-and-cheese-eating mama.

I turned a $300 Craigslist camera into a 7-figure empire using marketing strategies that I now get to share with the world... and spoiler: I don't believe in secrets, I believe in showing up!  

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I'm Jenna Kutcher

Today, I teach brave women like you
how to do the same. 

Loyal, happy, obsessed followers turned clients, who happily invest in your business?

An audience that is anxiously awaiting every post, every announcement, and every offering?

Sales driven through authentic, intentional posts that take the scammy salesman pitch and turn it on its head.

Creating a voice so recognizable, people will be able to spot your words and work from a mile away.

Can you imagine...


Are you ready?

Your job is to see your subjects in a way that they don’t see themselves. Capturing raw authentic emotions, that’s the foundation of every successful and sought-after photographer.  

Wanna know more about Photo Boss Visionaries? 

That sense of “not enough-ness” that tells you in order to raise your rates and attract your dream clients you need the $3k lenses and yet another photography book— let’s tell that voice to quiet down right now. 

When I started my photography biz, I didn’t have any fancy gear or a 100k Instagram following. But what I did have was passion— and I love LOVE so capturing the big emotions of other people on the most special day of their lives was a natural fit. Find what lights you up, and make it your subject, the rest will sort itself out. 

Your job as a photographer is to tell a story through your photos. If you can do that, your art becomes priceless, it becomes a lifelong treasure that people will gladly pay for. Get it girl. 

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There’s no shortage of resources for you, friend. This should get you started, but trust me when I say this is just a taste. I’m constantly creating juicy new material for you to learn from.


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