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Calling all Lady bosses...

Are you ready to join a community that is committed to not just helping you increase you income but increase the quality of your life? 

(Um, yes.  It's *actually* possible.)

by jenna kutcher

The Mastermind

How do I know you're a big dreamer? Because you heard the word "Mastermind" and wanted to know more... 

Joining a mastermind CHANGED my life, now I want to offer you the chance to change yours.

More details

So maybe you hear me say the word "mastermind" and you're wondering... what the heck is that anyway? I'm glad you asked... 

Let me lean on my friends at Forbes to snag ya a definition: A mastermind is a group of smart people who meet to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. If you are lucky enough to get invited to one, you will likely see a marked change in yourself and your business.  

I remember sealing the envelope that held the check when I joined a mastermind. It was the single biggest investment that I had ever made on my business and yet while I was utterly scared, I KNEW I needed it. I licked the stamp and made a promise to always bet on myself.

I was ready to dream bigger, I was ready to learn, I was ready to be around people like me, I was ready to make more money, but more than any of that I was ready to make a bigger impact on the world.

HEY, YOU! I know you're a big dreamer...

First time here? 

Welcome, welcome! 

As Seen In: 

Loyal, happy, obsessed followers turned clients, who happily invest in your business?

An audience that is anxiously awaiting every post, every announcement, and every offering?

Sales driven through authentic, intentional posts that take the scammy salesman pitch and turn it on its head.

Creating a voice so recognizable, people will be able to spot your words and work from a mile away.

Can you imagine...


Are you ready?

Why a Mastermind and not Coaching...

Every mastermind looks a little different, that's why it's important to find a leader and a style that works best for you! The mastermind itself lasts the entire year (January - December of 2018!) We will meet up virtually every single month for a group call where we can come together as a whole, answer questions, and where I can mentor you. 

Maybe you're wondering how this works.

I constantly get asked to do one-on-one coaching, here's why I don't:

I believe in the power of community so deeply that I want to create one: one that you can ask questions, challenge ideas, and come together. The POWER of the mastermind is not just in the leader but the leaders ability to get the right people in the room. When I've done one-on-one coaching for different entrepreneurs, it's always been leading them through the same process, if I truly want to make the biggest impact, I need to get the right people in the right room and foster the learning and community. 

Loyal, happy, obsessed followers turned clients, who happily invest in your business?

An audience that is anxiously awaiting every post, every announcement, and every offering?

Sales driven through authentic, intentional posts that take the scammy salesman pitch and turn it on its head.

Creating a voice so recognizable, people will be able to spot your words and work from a mile away.

Can you imagine...


Are you ready?

Because we've got to stay accountable

Monthly Coaching

Every month we will jump on a group video call and do a round robin where we can share our wins and then troubleshoot something in our business. Having the group on the call helps connect everyone and allows the mastermind to learn as a collective. I've gained SO much insight from these calls and it's a great way to stay on track on the months we aren't meeting in person. 

To me, if we can commit to learn together and to show up for each other both in support and in knowledge, we can keep the community moving forward as we work towards our goals and navigate life! How much fun does that sound?! 

In Person Retreats

Yup, I'm finally doing a retreat - I never thought I would but THIS is different, this is for my mastermind ladies! These retreats will facilitate goal setting, connection, and be filled with education and resources you can implement in your business. 

January 8-11th 
June 11-14th 
September 17-20 

3 days, 3x throughout the year

Retreat Dates and Locations

Three times throughout the year we get to come together, learn, grow, challenge, troubleshoot, share, and increase our impact! 

Waco, Texas

Who's Already In? 









she has over 1 million fans on facebook and now she's monetizing her expertise.

She's photographed celebrities, been featured in people mag, now she's ready to take on the world.

She created an all-natural product on her organic farm, now she's selling it to the masses. 

She created her first course and made 5-figures in less than a week, now she's aiming for 6.

I've heard that those who pay, pay attention

What's the Investment?

 For the first time in my entrepreneurial journey, I was committing to a YEAR of getting better, a year of accountability, a year of dreaming, a year of goal setting. As a commitment-phobe, this was HUGE but I knew that I needed to actually do something and stick with it. I've heard the saying: those who pay, pay attention and boy is that true. I was also scared I couldn't commit my time for a year but just as seasons change, I was able to make it a part of my life and business without guilt. Some months I hammered away at goals and things I had learned, others I spent on the beach in Hawaii! 

It was actually cheaper than hiring a launch coach and splitting profits. Wait, huh? A lot of times if you hire a launch consultant, they will take a cut of your profits. Anywhere from 30-50% is industry standard. In fact, I was GOING TO consult launches and do that but then I thought more about my bigger goal: it wasn't income, it was teaching sustainable systems that could be used over and over again without having to hire someone. I consulted one launch last year and made over 40k while my friends did their first ever six figure launch... so trust me, when you break it down like that, it isn't as scary. 

I worried that I would be the dumbest person in the room, then I worried that I would be too smart. Stupid, right? But I was scared to plop myself in a space with other super successful entrepreneurs and feel like they were speaking gibber-ish. The thing about masterminds (the most powerful thing, actually) is that we all bring something to the table. It's not just joining because of ME, it's joining because of the quality and caliber of women I will congregate into one space. We will have people from all different industries bringing their gifts and experiences to the table - that's the real power. 




I get it, so how much is it? 

Masterminds are a lot of things but mainly it’s an investment. I heard the phrase, “Those who pay, pay attention” and I know that to be true in my life. What would it look like if you learned how to have a six-figure launch? What would it be worth to connect with other women who can help you up-level your business? What would life look like if you could automate things (so you could actually take time off? What if you learned how to outsource and get your life back?

To reserve your spot, a $2,000 deposit is needed.

What would that be worth to you? 

One Time Payment

Payment Plan







I want in on the waitlist!!!!

This is for you IF...

Let's talk about the gals I love

You're a 6-figure entrepreneur ready to 5x your income. You understand the investment and are ready to bet on yourself.

You're serious about launching your next big idea, whether it's a course, a podcast, a book, a product, a shop, a service.

You desire to make a big impact on the world: through your work, in the way you show up, and how you serve.

You are seeking true community and want to surround yourself with powerful women! 

You're ready to do the hard work, to get focused, to really get moving onto the bigger, better things!

I'm your girl, Get me on the waitlist!

What will I learn?

I'm honestly really
glad you asked!

How to launch effectively, after 10 six-figure launches straight, I want to walk you through HOW to launch. 

How to build out your team: what roles are critical, how to create a culture, and where to delegate and outsource.

How to grow your audience: with eager, excited, engaged fans who can't wait to see what's next from you. 

How to pivot and expand into many revenue streams so that you can make money while you rest. 

How to turn your followers into clients without feeling like you're constantly selling. It's all about the serving! 

Tell me more about this.... 

Here are a few things Jenna has done...

That she can't wait to teach ya. 

Turned a $300 Craigslist camera into a 6-figure photography business in less than 3 years.... 

Grew an email list from 0-110k in less than 3 years and consistently drives sales every single week. 

Launched a top business podcast that hit 2 million downloads in ONE year of existing. 

Launched 4 different courses in 2 years that have done over 2 million dollars in sales.

Created an online digital shop that generates sales daily with pure automation.

Built a team of incredible women that support the mission and allow for work/life balance.

 I wanna Learn from her.
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Funded 3 water projects for Dominican Republic communities giving access to clean water for hundreds.