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I wanted a place where you can find all of my faves from fashion to beauty, business to books, consider this your go-to resource for all things Jenna Kutcher. You might as well bookmark this page right now.

I'm a small-town mama, CEO, host of a chart-topping podcast, and a human who's imperfectly leading others and sharing the journey of juggling #allthethings. These are a few of my favorite things.

I’m Jenna Kutcher. 

Quick Disclosure: Some of these links happen to be affiliate links which means when you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but I may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is great, because I was going to share it with you anyway!

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This is the legit BIBLE of social media. I mean, I can’t believe the amount of information, inspiration, actionable items, and SO.MUCH.MORE that we crammed into this success guide. Let’s be honest: social media gives us those love/hate feelings and since we know we should be on it as entrepreneurs, it’s time to put some strategy behind the stuff we are posting each day.

The Complete Social Media Success Guide

come to me my precious

In a world constantly telling us that we aren't enough, it's time to proclaim that we are! What better way to do that than with something pretty, dazzling, and gold? Wear this stunning high-quality 18k gold-plated solid brass necklace as a reminder of your worth, your value, and the fact that you are so enough - it's crazy how enough you are! Also makes the perfect gift to someone who could use this special reminder as well (because, let’s face it, we all need a reminder every now and then!).

I Am Enough Limited Edition Necklace

I'M ready!

The JK Presets For Lightroom Mobile And Desktop

Working on getting the perfect, consistent Instagram grid and feeling frustrated? Well, fret not, I've got you covered with my personal mobile presets that will help you rock your feed, grow your following, and create a cohesive grid. These work through the FREE version of Lightroom on mobile and the regular version on desktop! You'll get my 10 favorite presets that have helped me create not just a visually beautiful feed but a feed that adds 1,000 new followers every day.

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I’m probably not supposed to have favorites, but heaven help me: THIS MAGAZINE IS A GAME CHANGER. That’s right: you’re stuck in a sea of other wedding photographers asking yourself, “What makes me different?” and I’m over here waving this bad boy in the air screaming “THIS!”. If you’re wondering how to stand out, how to give your clients an incredible experience, how to set expectations in a gentle, branded, incredibly designed way! (If I do say so, myself.)

Modern Minimalist Wedding Magazine

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I never thought I'd be that girl that talked about the importance of natural products... in fact, I resisted for as long as I possibly could. And then, after our second miscarriage, I sat down with our fertility doctor and she told me that I had to clean my act up. Making the swap was intimidating: would the products really work as well? Would it cost me hundreds of dollars? And would it really make a difference? I asked all of those questions and two years later, I'm here to tell you that swapping need not be intimidating, I did all the hard work of testing to find what really works, and yes, it made a big difference.  


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My Most Coveted Makeup Products



Jenna's style

I love shopping and I also love finding staples that go with pretty much everything! I do my best to tag my all the sources to what I share online but if you're curious on my must-have pieces for each season, I'll share my "capsule" of staples from clothing to Conley, even housewares right here so that you don't have to search high and low to enjoy my favorite things! Happy shopping! 

Wardrobe Capsule

What's in our Fall Wardrobe Capsule

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ConvertKit is a really great option if you're looking to take some email strategy and finally implement. Their ability to take what can be complicated and make it easy (with 24/7 support) is impressive. We’ve tested out their platform and we’re kinda jealous we didn’t start there. Grow your list and sign up for a 30-day free trial.

30 day free trial




Have you taken my free quizzes? They are so fun AND they help grow my email list! Maybe creating an online quiz is your next brilliant move! Use my favorite quiz-maker, Interact and get creative with serving your audience in a new way by creating a quiz to gain valuable insights into their needs and pain points while growing your list in a FUN way!

First Quiz Free



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One of the best ways we’ve grown our email list is through elevating our pop-up strategy. We really love Opt-In Monster! It has a lot of next-level features like generating specific pop-ups for people who come to your page from a specific place or “if/then” type pop-ups so you can be in full control over what pop-ups people are receiving and when!

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Looking for an email service provider that is fool-proof? The magic of Flodesk is that they are a women-led company that took the heavy lifting tech out of growing an email list and totally simplified the process of getting set up and sending out emails regularly. If you are ready to send beautifully crafted emails fast and easily, join Flodesk! 

Free 30 day trial + 50% off



For Email
List Building

For Email List Building

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Wanting to sell your products online? Yeah, then I highly recommend Shopify! I could not have gotten my online shop, Shop Jenna Kutcher, up and running so easily (and made huge profits too) without the help of Shopify. It works for digital and physical products. If you’re considering a shop for your business, this is the way to go!

Free 14 day trial




Kajabi is everything you need to build and grow a profitable online business and education course. It's where we host, build, and sell all of my online courses and they make it easy to customize your content in a branded and beautiful way while walking your students through the content in an easy to follow manner. 

45 days of the service for free 




If you know your website isn't as good as it SHOULD be and you're riding the struggle bus trying to figure it all out, I have some advice: buy a TONIC site! They're beautiful, easy to use, completely customizable website templates, code-free, and built with all the strategy you know I love. And because they love me, you can save 15% on your site.

15% off your template




Showit is the website platform I swear by (and trust me, I've used them all!) I can quickly build out or update a page without having to learn code or contact a developer! It's a beautiful, easy to use, drag and drop platform that this page is built on! You can buy templates, go custom and start today. And best of all, the Wordpress integration is like butter!

Use goaldigger for 10% off annual



For Websites

For Websites

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We pump out posts daily on Facebook and guess what? They are automated. Your social media on auto-pilot starts here. MeetEdgar makes it easy to schedule and automate your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! From writing posts for you (seriously) to re-posting evergreen content, Edgar has you covered! 

Get $10 off your monthly invoice

Meet edgar



Ever wonder how I lay out and plan my Instagram grid, store my captions  or collaborates with my team to manage their multiple IG accounts? My secret weapon is PLANN. Inside of it you can: collect Instagram insights, lay out your images, schedule reminders to post, look at analytics, save hashtag groups and more. 

One month free when you join




Tailwind is the platform that we use to schedule out and automate our Pinterest strategy. They also recently rolled out an Instagram feature on their app that allows you to plan, schedule, and integrate your content plan using our fave design tool, Canva! Automate and save time today! 

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Looking for beautiful images to post online and coming up short? Not a photographer? Social Squares is my favorite place to go for professional stock photos to use in my business. It’s a subscription with endless gorgeous images updated monthly to use on your social accounts, website or other graphics needs! 

JENNA35  for one month free



For Social Media

For Social Media

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I've hired 4 team members via LinkedIn, and I’m so grateful for the tools that have help me easily grow my team. Hiring doesn't have to be scary or complicated. Reach the right candidates at the right time and hire faster and easier. Linkedin is my fave secret weapon when it comes to growing my team.

$50 off your first job post




Legal stuff doesn’t have to be scary! And luckily, it’s really easy to understand and fix with The Contract Shop, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches! They have specialized agreements and contracts that are super easy to customize and send to clients fast.

Use JENNA20 to save 20%!

the contract shop



Honeybook simplifies everything in the world of running a small business. From client experience and easy payment processes to handling meetings, inquiries, and proposals with organized layouts, HoneyBook handles all elements of your biz. And the fact that you can sign new clients from the convenience of your phone? 

50% off annual price + freebies




Looking for tools, templates, and presets to make running your biz easy, breezy, and beautiful? Well I've taken the tools I've created to run my empire and put them into a shop so you can use my exact tools, customize them, and put them out into the world. From my top-selling editing presets to customizable guides, I've got you! 

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For the Pro's

For the Pros

My                                   Essentials!

Personal Health


Over 6,000 organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products at 25-50% off? Yup! Not only can we find items we can't find in our local grocery store, we also save money and get our favorites delivered to our door! You can filter based on your dietary needs, so no more label reading! Get a 30-day free trial + 25% off your first order at Thrive Market. 

25% off your first order

Thrive Market



Meal delivery at it's finest. Because sometimes we need to outsource our life to give us more time in our business. Drew and I have never eaten this good since joining HelloFresh years ago. We are kind of lost without now and we get a diverse menu delivered right to our doorstep of fresh, delicious meals each and every week. 

Save $40 on your first box!




When I started using my Ava bracelet, an ovulation tracking device, it was to address the struggles we were facing with fertility and decoding my cycle. It gives me data about my health, sleep, and stress. It’s been transformational for not only growing our family, but also improving and streamlining my entire life. I swear by it and am a fan for life.

Save $20 with code: avaxjenna

Ava Bracelet



Ummm.. yeah, easy, healthy food is my love language. Organic smoothies, soups, and bowls delivered to your door ready to blend or heat. Daily Harvest changed the game (and my appetite for healthy breakfasts and easy lunches like crazy!) We have DH every single day. They’re the perfect meal that’ll fill you up fast and they taste SO good.

Save $25 with JENNAK

Daily Harvest



Healthy doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to spend hours in the vitamin aisle reading labels and wondering what your bod really needs! Care/of is my go-to solution for premium vitamins and powders, tailored to you and delivered to your door. All you have to do is take their quiz and they take care of the rest! 

$40 off your first order




I'm not going to lie, I am obsessed with my Peloton bike. Almost every morning, I wake up and clip into the bike so I can spin for 20-30 minutes. It's been the solution I needed for this busy season of life and I leave feeling inspired and motivated to take on the world! Find me on the app, jennakutcher, let's ride together! 

$100 off Accessories: XB37NP




It took me awhile to get my make up routine clean (and find products I love and that actually work) but now I'm one of those people who claims they were a skeptic and now a super fan of something they wanted to hate. I promise I won't try to turn you into a salesperson but I can't promise that you won't become a convert, too.

Shop my fave natural make up




I know, I know, I already shared my love and devotion with these all-natural, non-toxic products but it's safe to say I am obsessed with them. From skincare to deodorant to baby oil and balm, I can't live without Primally Pure. If you're ready to clean your act up, this is your chance to do it (and save while you're at it!) You'll thank me later, I promise.

Save 10% using: JK10

Primally Pure


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Mic Check, I'm In!

Your 5-Step Process to Plan, Create, Launch, Promote, Scale, and Monetize Your Podcast in 30 Days

The Podcast Lab

Let's Pin baby!

A 3-step, fluff-free, done-in-a-day online training program on driving traffic with Pinterest for business owners like you.

The Pinterest Lab

I'M ready to Grow!

The hands-down most comprehensive email list building program so you can algorithm-proof your biz.

The List to Launch Lab

Let's grow my account!

The exact blueprint to grow your following by attracting the right people so you can convert followers to clients. 

The Instagram Lab

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I'm all about giving away tools, tip, templates, and strategies and I do just that! Now's your chance to take advantage and get your hands on our top goodies for FREE. Click the link below, sign up, and like Hogwarts magic, it'll show up in your inbox, ready for you!

Imagine, all the best FREE tools right at your fingertips ... oh wait, you don't have to imagine! Grab some of the top hits and start rocking your hustle girl!

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

My Ultimate Pinterest Guide

5 secrets to grow your following

5 Must-have apps for Instagram

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