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Protect your bIZ at The Contract Shop

Legal stuff doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Getting legal is an important part of protecting your business, even if you’re covering your ears and eyes right now, singing, “la, la, la, can’tttt hearrrr youuu!”

As far as I’m concerned, you can deal with it now, before there’s a problem, or later, while you’re knee deep in unpaid invoices and clients who are making unreasonable demands.

As a photographer, I get asked about booking + working with clients a lot, and there’s no one else I trust and recommend more highly than The Contract Shop®.

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My Personal Experience

Lawyers used to really bug me. The only experiences I’d had with them were when something bad had happened. So I avoided them as much as the formal suits they wear-- nooo thank you, I’ll take my comfy clothes please!

But, the truth is legal stuff doesn’t have to be stuffy and formal, it just has to be legit. Forget the days when you sent a client a contract and had no clue what was even in there. With The Contract Shop, I know you can tackle the sometimes boring, always scary legal stuff with ease. No shower needed.

Are you ready to get legit?

Use ‘JENNA20’ to save 20%

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